Tryouts 2019-20

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2019-2020 Evaluations

At LA All Stars we encourage our athletes to strive for excellence both on and off the mat.  We provide high quality cheer and tumbling training with a focus on safety and progression.  Our staff members are USASF certified and have extensive safety and coaching training.  In addition to athletic training, LA All Stars  provides a fun and welcoming environment for personal development in sportsmanship, friendship, and community service.

We would like to welcome new athletes to the LA family, and we thank returning athletes and their families for their loyalty to the Blue & Green!

Evaluation Expectations

  •  The following are due in order to participate in Evaluations:  Online registration, registration payment, medical waiver, payment information Forms A, B and C of Handbook turned in at tryouts. 
  •  Wear black shorts and black top or LAC practice wear.  Hair should be up and  away from face.
  •  Wear cheer sneakers, no jewelry.

Skills Evaluated & Team Placement

We are dedicated to creating successful and strong teams and will place athletes where they will strengthen the team as a whole and where they are able to confidently showcase their individual abilities.  An athlete may be placed for a combination of their skills based on team needs.  Please remember that tumbling alone does not dictate leveling.  For example, an athlete who is an exceptional base may be placed on a team with either lower or higher tumbling skills than she possesses if her basing skills fit the need of a particular stunt group and help to strengthen the team as a whole.  Another example may be a flyer who may be placed on a team with higher or lower tumbling skills than she possesses if her flying skills will be better showcased or more needed by that team. At evaluations athletes may be asked to demonstrate their skills in stunting, tumbling, jumps, and motions/dance.  

Evaluation Results

Emails will be sent confirming full or half year participation at LA All Stars for the 2019-20 season. There will be an initial payment due on June 15 which will secure your spot with LA All Stars.  There may be additional group call backs, if needed, in June.  While all athletes are encouraged to attend these practices, they are not mandatory and will be excused if you are on vacation.  Specific team placements will be revealed on our private FB page via video before our first week of practice in July.  Exact date/time TBD.  Mandatory practices do not begin until July 8.



  • First payment for full year teams is due June 15 to secure your spot with LA All Stars
  • Mandatory Practices start July 8, 2019!
  • Mandatory Clinics and Choreography will take place in July and August!  Specific dates are being finalized and will be posted soon!
*Additional Call Backs/Level practices will take place through the beginning of June! 

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